Remedial treatment for injury, accident, illness or surgery is as important as the immediate treatment, but is often overlooked or ignored. Your body needs time to heal, and with effective therapy the recovery time can be reduced.

Minor injuries heal better; post-surgery recovery is enhanced; and the effects of long-term injury can be overcome. Whether you're an athlete or not, consider our selection of restorative treatments:

"Regular sports massage and passive stretching has increased the gait of a runner. This means that he is a more effective and efficient athlete."

You don't have to be an athlete to get a Sports massage, though if you are you'll find that it will improve your stamina and performance. Reduce the risk of injury by getting a massage on a regular basis; prepare better and recover faster. Addresses tired or weak muscles, fatigue and low energy.

The particular focus is the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue. The aim is to alleviate pain and release chronic patterns of tension through slower and deeper strokes on contracted or 'knotted' areas. It can be an intense experience, and cause soreness in the body before the desired relief of pain.

The focus is very specific to the muscles, bone and tissue affected by an injury, and seeks to rehabilitate and restore it to its normal, optimal form. Using deeper techniques, the aim is to soften the tissue to allow it to reform and chronic injuries to dissipate.

Painful knots in the fibres of the muscle can refer pain to other areas. When treating pain, people either treat the site of the pain or take a pill to numb their senses to the problem. Because of the cost and trauma of surgery, people have adopted the habit of simply accepting the pain, living with the condition as best they can. Effective Trigger Point therapy offers pain management and eventualpain relief.

Few things feel better than a good stretch. This simple technique lengthens muscles and increases the range of motion. This makes for better movement, reduces fatigue and helps prevents injury. Great before or after exercise.